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Ogoma Prayer is a ritual of prayer of Kobo Daishi Kukai's Shingon Esoteric Prayer, which was handed down from China by a special firewood with a large flame to deliver the wish to the Fudo deity and pray for its fulfillment.

Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple was opened when the priest, Kancho Daisojo, who was granted the emperor's edict about 1080 years ago, stopped the rebellion that took place in the Kanto region with Ogoma prayer. Since then, it has been constantly transmitted to the present age. Every day, many people from all over the country come and pray for the fulfillment of each request with Ogoma prayer.


Good Luck Charm Introduction

  • Good fortune treasure

    (Treasure for Good Fortune)

    It is believed that putting coins in your wallet brings more wealth. Treasure for good fortune is a coin that resembles old Japanese coins, a good luck charm praying to the Fudo deity for good fortune.

  • Health and longevity Charm

    Health and Longevity Charm

    In the current day and age when people live 100 years, this good luck charm containing the overwhelming power of the Fudo deity not only helps to attain longevity, but to also have a healthy life. Let’s pray that you can stay healthy both physically and mentally.

  • Sacrifice Charm

    Sacrifice Talisman

    It has been handed out on Naritasan for about 300 years, and is the best known talisman in Naritasan. The Wooden tag talisman with the brand name of Naritasan will act as sacrifice for the person wearing it, protecting him from disaster by breaking instead of him.

  • Traffic safety Charm

    Traffic Safety Talisman

    You can survive the traffic accident in modern day life society, with the help of the Fudo deity. No Accident Shall Befall the One Holding the Steering Wheel with the Hands of Buddha. Put the good luck charm in your car and drive safely with spirit of the Fudo deity.

  • Exorcism Charm

    Exorcism Talisman

    The dragon wrapped around the Fudo's sword, Kurikara Ryu-o, cuts off any hesitation or evil and brings peace to everyone. Let's always keep the "Exorcism talisman" in the shape of Kurikara Ryu-o close at hand, and benefit from the Fudo deity.

  • Ema (pictorial offering)

    Ema (Pictorial Offering)

    Pictorial offerings began with the offering of a painted horse instead of a horse. Currently, not only horses, but also various paintings are drawn. Write your wishes on the pictorial offering, such as good luck, passing the exam, fulfillment of love, marriage, health and longevity, success in life, and prosperity in business.

  • Successful career good luck charm

    Successful Career
    Good Luck Charm

    A charm that resembles a fox's face, which is believed to be the messenger of Inari Daimyojin. It is said that the Inari Shrine's main ancestor at Naritasan was donated by the Inaba family, who was a parent and child in the Edo period and served as a key part of the shogunate. It is also useful for good luck in business endeavors.

  • Academics Good Luck Charm

    Academics Good Luck Charm

    A charm that boosts your studying efficiency, including knowledge and skills related to learning and work. The Fudo deity will guide you through your study efforts that have worked hard to achieve your goals, including school entrance exams and qualification exams.

  • Good luck charm

    Good Luck Charm

    It is a charm containing the Fudo deity's guidance in regards to attaining various luck such as work luck, love luck, and money luck so that things go in the good direction. Because it is a small amulet, you can wear it in various places.

Good Luck Charms List